Welcome to Saorsie!

Saorsie Co-operative Homes is a community based, 74 unit apartment complex in Brantford, Ontario. 


Stay tuned for upcoming events in the Co-op! 


100-185 Pearl St

Brantford, ON N3R 4H6

Tel: 519-754-0167

Fax: 519-754-4327

Email: saorsiecoop@gmail.com


Office Hours

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Board of Directors have directed office staff to work predominantly offsite.  As such, staff continues to work Monday to Friday (unless away on holidays, etc.).  If you need to reach the office, please call, email, or drop a note in the office mail slot.  If you require an in-person meeting, please let the office know and an appointment will be scheduled.

2021 CHF Canada Annual Meeting will be virtual!!

CHF Canada has made the decision to go virtual once again for next year’s event.

This means all of the workshops, Annual General Meeting (AGM) and networking will be fully virtual events, making it more accessible, affordable and most importantly safe for members across Canada.

For more information visit: https://chfcanada.coop/save-the-date-june-10-13-virtual-annual-meeting/